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Spring Reminders

This just in from Matt B

ooher, Virginia Cooperative Extension

  • We are at the tail end of any kind of effective control on 2nd-year biennial weeds like poison hemlock, mullein, and thistles--so you best be getting on them if its going to happen. Winter annuals like mustards are pretty much all in flower right now, and they will die after setting seed

  • The next few weeks will mark the beginning of prime time for spraying many of our earliest emerging perennials and woody species. Remember, make sure woody trees and vines have fully expanded leaves, and make sure perennials have some size on them as well (about 2/3 their mature height is ideal)

  • Source your summer annual forage seed now. Seed for crops like sorghum, Sudangrass, and millet may be hard to come at planting time

  • Mid-April is typically the deadline for spring plantings of cool-season grasses and legumes. From here on out there is a greater chance that spring-planted seedlings will not be developed well enough to handle summer drought and heat

We’ll now quickly go from a forage deficit to an overabundance, and It’s never too late to start your livestock into a planned grazing rotation. Remember that the root systems of cool season grasses make a lot of their annual growth during spring, so how well you manage spring grazing really makes a difference to your pasture's productivity all season


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