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Spinach Succession Planting & Season Extension

A Spinach Planting Program is designed to illustrate which spinach varieties to plant, grow, and harvest in sequence, allowing you to extend your spinach harvest across the seasons. Slow-growing spinach varieties mature best under warm conditions, whereas faster-growing varieties mature best under cooler conditions.

Establish your spinach production plan by evaluating the sowing and harvesting slots indicated in the charts below. Additional key distinguishing features include leaf shape (round, oval, arrowhead), texture (smooth, semi-savoyed, savoyed), and color; days to maturity (DTM figures are for "farmer's market baby leaf size"); growth rate and tendency to bolt; and disease resistances, including strains of downy mildew and white rust.


  • Resistances to downy mildew races are high (HR) unless otherwise noted.

  • Varieties are listed in order of increasing number of days to maturity.

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