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In 18

57 Edward and Catherine Broun of Sunny Bank Farm in Middleburg along with William and Lucinda Rawlings purchased the land and spearheaded the construction of the Middleburg United Methodist Church.

The church has played a vital part in Middleburg’s history, including its use as a makeshift hospital during the Civil War. It is currently the location for the Seven Loaves food bank. The church is centrally located at the corner of Washington and Pendleton Streets and retains the original steeple bell with the 1857 stamp. The Broun’s daughter, also named Catherine, married Mr. Sam Fred thus the name of that road near Sunny Bank Farm which is still in the Broun family.

The need for repair of the old brick walkway has created an opportunity for members of the church and the community to replicate memories in stone by purchasing individual bricks that can be etched with memories such as births, baptisms, weddings, deaths, etc. The donation of the bricks affords a chance to create future history.

The need to repair the walkway also created an opportunity for local Eagle Scout Thomas Basinger to pursue an organizational honor when he assembled his fellow scouts to deconstruct the old walkway in two days. The scouts then used those bricks to create a patio in the play area behind the church. Also involved in the endeavor is Wildwood Landscapes.

Middleburg Methodist church is an important architectural element of the town and its history. The bricks are $150 each and can be engraved with one to three lines with no more than 17 characters and spaces per line.

To place an order, visit the church website,, click on Events, Engraved Brick Fundraisers, then download and print the .pdf form, and mail it with your check to the address on the form. There are also forms located in brochure boxes on the church fence. All proceeds will help pay for the construction of the walkway as well as other missions of Middleburg United Methodist Church. For more information, contact Mark Johnson at 703-314-0883. Buy a Brick, Make a Memory


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