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By Sarah Bullard

Grand Champion Market Goat – Bethany Norman

Local 4-H’ers and FFA members sold nearly $110,000 of prize livestock during this week’s 63rd annual Fauquier County Show & Sale. Twenty-Six exhibitors took part in the event Sunday and Monday at the Fauquier County Fairgrounds. Over eighty individuals, businesses, and groups paid top prices for forty-eight carefully-raised goats, hogs, lambs, and steers, many of which contributed to the scholarship hog, raising over $10,000 to support seniors for years to come.

Working with adult advisors, 4-H teens organize and oversee the Show and Sale. Participants use auction proceeds for college funds or to reinvest in project animals for the next year’s show. This year’s Show & Sale Committee helped to produce one of the best events since many of them can remember. The Committee members are: Meredith Day, Caroline Lawrence, Lauren Lowenbach, Aaron Locke, and Noah Nye. Hannah Craun joined us from Blacksburg to judge showmanship and market classes. She shocked the kids and crowd with a variety of requests of showmen that pushed them by switching animals and speaking to the audience about their projects.

The Show and Sale started in 1960, when local farmers Donald Allen, Jack Kinzer and Henry Sanders decided to promote agriculture with Fauquier’s youth. You may have seen vibrantly painted livestock statues placed throughout the county at shops, wineries, and stores. These statues are a part of a project to commemorate our agriculture heritage and 60 years of the Fauquier Show and Sale. This significant year for Show and Sale has been dedicated to the late Howard Grove for all his support and efforts throughout his many years of involvement.

One of the most coveted awards during Show & Sale is the Howard Grove Memorial Herdsman Award. This award is given to the exhibitor who goes out of their way during the weekend to help others and provide leadership. This year’s award was given to Aaron Locke, a second-generation showman who spent all weekend helping others fit animals, helping Extension Agents accomplish tasks, uplifting exhibitors, speaking to visitors, and being a joy to those around him. We are so proud of all of our exhibitors, but love being able to recognize those who go above and beyond.

A month to the day after losing a long standing pillar in the community, the Show & Sale Committee presented Amanda, Zach, and Zane Woodward with a new award to honor adult volunteers giving freely of their time and resources to Show & Sale, just as their dad and husband Jeff Woodward did for many years. Jeff was the inaugural recipient.

This year’s Champions are:

Grand Champion Lamb: Grace Page

Reserve Champion Lamb: Meredith Day

Champion Novice Showman: Grace Page

Champion Junior Showman: Savannah Lerch

Champion Senior Showman: Ryann Bradshaw

Supreme Lamb Showman: Ryann Bradshaw

Grand Champion Steer: Holly Chambers

Reserve Champion Steer: Ryann Bradshaw

Champion Bred and Owned Steer: Meredith Day

Champion Bred in Fauquier: Ryann Bradshaw

Champion Novice Showman: Autumn Frear

Champion Junior Showman: Holly Chambers

Champion Senior Showman: Ryann Bradshaw

Supreme Steer Showman: Ryann Bradshaw

Grand Champion Goat: Bethany Norman

Reserve Champion Goat: Evan Saykaly

Champion Novice Showman: Amanda Lawrence

Champion Junior Showman: Eliza Lawrence

Champion Senior Showman: Whitney Norman

Supreme Goat Showman: Whitney Norman

Grand Champion Hog: Lauren Lowenbach

Reserve Champion Hog: Savannah Lerch

Champion Novice Showman: Lauren Lowenbach

Champion Junior Showman: Savannah Lerch

Champion Senior Showman: Meredith Day

Supreme Hog Showman: Lauren Lowenbach


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