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Philanthropist and local landowner Chuck Kuhn has placed a 107.76-acre property in Loudoun County in easement with the Land Trust of Virginia. The Hillsboro Road property is caddy corner to the northwest corner of the Town of Purcellville.

“Furthering the density of conserved land in western Loudoun County was central to the mission behind our founding in 1992,” said Sally Price, executive director of LTV. “We are grateful this easement creates a buffer around Purcellville to help prevent additional development sprawl.”

Scenic open space is one of the Hillsboro Road property’s most significant conservation values. The property has over half a mile (3,000 feet) of frontage on Allder School Road, 760 feet of frontage on Hillsboro Road and 2,115 of frontage on Short Hill Road. Most of the property (94 percent) features “Prime Farmland” or “Farmland of Statewide Importance.” There are 15.6 acres of forest cover and one small pond near the southern boundary. The pond is considered an instance of a “Ponded” wetland, recognized, and designated as such by the National Wetlands Inventory of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. The property is in the watersheds of Catoctin Creek, the Potomac River, and the Chesapeake Bay.

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